Cisco Rack Mount Server Firmware Upgrade

This is based on C200 or C220 Servers


  • Previously have downloaded the C Series relevant firmware update ISO from Cisco to the local machine where update with be started from
  • If it is an ESXi host the host is in maintenance mode


  • If it is an ESXi host, vmotion the vms off and put the host in maintenance mode.
  • Connect to the CIMC Web Interface
  • Launch the KVM Console, and go to the Virtual Drive.
  • Select “Add Image”. Select the ISO downloaded and then ensure it is “mapped” in the dialog box

Virtual media

  • Restart the Server and during boot up when prompted select F6 for the the boot menu
  • Bootorder
  • Select the Cisco Virtual CD/DVD drive and allow the server to boot from the mapped ISO

Confirm EULA

Confirm EULA

  • It then lists of the options to update, choose “All the above” to apply all updates


  • Updates will continue through, monitor progress
  • At the end press “any” key


  • Ensure Success  on each item


  • Choose “Reboot (retain current settings of CIMC)
  • Firmware will be activated. At this point if CIMC is updated connection will be lost, connection can be regained after about 1 minute.
  • Server will reboot, ensure the OS loads correctly

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