vCenter Permissions vRealize Log Insight

This is the first of a few posts to put together all those vmware solutions that hook into vCenter and the required permissions for product interoperability.

This first post is the rights needed by vRealize LogInsight to monitor the logs of vCenter and ESXi hosts managed by vCenter.

Details are all taken from here

You must configure the permission on the top-level folder within the vCenter Server inventory, and verify that the propagate to children check box is selected.

Level of Integration

Required Privileges

Events, tasks, and alarms collection



System.View is a system-defined privilege. When you add a custom role and do not assign any privileges to it, the role is created as a Read Only role with three system-defined privileges: System.Anonymous,System.View, and System.Read.

Syslog configuration on ESXi hosts

Host.Configuration.Change settings

Host.Configuration.Network configuration

Host.Configuration.Advanced Settings

Host.Configuration.Security profile and firewall


vRealize Log Insight
REQUIRES : vmware 3.3.6

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