Installing vCenter Appliance 6 -Part 2 – vCenter Appliance

See the first blog where we looked to install a standalone PSC, now we will install the vCenter Appliance

Start by following first 10 steps from Part 1 of this guide

  • Setup choose “Install vCenter Server”

  • Connect to the SSO Service PSC server deployed earlier in Part 1

  • Choose the deployment size based on your site

  • Choose a datastore on the ESXi host with adequate free space (and recommend select enable thin disk mode)

  • Choose appropriate DB, normally suitable for most deployments is embedded database which is now full scale able for production

  • Set network settings (important FQDN is set in DNS

  • Install and deployment of the OVF will now start on the chosen ESXi host.


Now you are ready to configure follow the third part of this guide.

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