vRealize Operations Permissions vRealize Log Insight

Following from previous posts this continues the details of permissions needed between vmware products for interoperability.

This time it is permissions between vRealize Operations Manager and Log Insight. This is the defined minimum permissions

Details Taken from and relevant at the time of writing to vRops 6.3 and Log Insight 3.3.6


For just Alert integration In vRops create a new role called LogInsight; then assign it the following

Administration -> Resource Kind Management [Check All]

Administration -> Resource Management [Check All]

Administration -> Rest APIs


All other, Read, Write APIs


Read access to APIs

LogInsight Role vrops

Then either using an AD user or local vRops assign this role to the user to the following objects;

Adapter Instance -> vRealizeOpsMgrAPI [Check All]

vSphere Hosts and Clusters [Check All]

vSphere Networking [Check All]

vSphere Storage [Check All]
Logsinsght role

Launch in Context Integration

For vRealize Operations 6.0 and above, for Launch in Context Integration to work, a user with administrator privilege is required. If both Alert and Launch in Context are enabled, a user with administrator privileges is required.

I will knock another blog about the end to end setup of vRops and Log Insight in the next few days


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