vSphere Site Recovery Manager 5.8 Install, Part 1

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This details the steps to install the latest vSphere Site Recovery Manager Software, 5.8 which is now incorporated into the vSphere 5.5 Web Client and new PostGres DB. this is part 1 of the install, part 2 will cover configuration.

Of course you need to install this on both the protected and recovery site

Windows 2008 r2 minimum server to install SRM on, suggest at least 8GB of RAM, if you are using the vCenter Appliance, if not using the Appliance it can be installed on the vCenter Server.
This is installed with vCenter 5.5 Appliance
FQDN created for both vCenters, ESXI and SRM Server, SRM AD Service Account with Admin privileges to vCenter.
This install uses self signed certificates.

Start the install and follow defaults to agree the license etc, then choose the install location

Then select detail the vCenter Server and provide the SRM Service Account details to log into vCenter(see prereqs)

Confirm the vCenter Certificate

Confirm SRM Site details, i.e. local name normally FQDN of SRM server, admin email to get SRM alerts and alarms, and local SRM server details

Select the SRM Plug ID, normal behaviour is to use the default, Custom ID is used in multisite SRM configurations i.e., http://vcommunique.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/multi-site-srm-configuration.html

Select company details that will used to generate the certificate

Auto Generate the SRM Certificate

Use the embedded Database

Provide a name of the Database, and a database username/password (these are local accounts within the database)

Use the system account to manage the SRM Windows Service

Install will now run, and complete.

Once it has completed login into vSphere 5.5 Web Client and there will be an additional menu option for SRM on the home page.

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